It´s been so long since you said "I know what I want, what I want is right here with you"

"Ah girls night, always wondered what goes on there.."
"Haha oh really!"
"Yeah, it´s a mystery, you girls are a mystery.."
"Haha of course, part of our charm, but I don´t think we would be as mysterius if we didn´t always have to wonder what´s going on inside your heads."
"What? We´re not that complicated, we´re easy!"
"Oh you think so do you... try being us for a day and try figuring yourself out, then come back to me haha."

At least I can admit it, we are rather complicated at times.

Tegan and Sara have been rolling all day, their music makes me so happy! Soon, going in for a picknic with Ammo in "vitan". Best place for tea and waterpipe and talk!


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