när man ser att det blöder ja det är först då det gör ont

Just got home an hour ago. It´s been a weird day, I spent most of it in tumba c, working. They had arranged this big girls night, all the shops in the centrum had open til 21.00. So from 15.30 to 21.30 I´ve been carrying tables and chairs, running up and down stairs, fetching papers and wires and more tables. Up and down the elevators with heavy things and well, you get my point, I´m very very tired.
But I realised I must finish my english paper tonight, or I´ll have everything for this weekend and I don´t feel like I wanna start stressing so early in on the term´, I´ll have pelenty of time doing that later, just wait maybe two-tree weeks then everything will feel like normal again - stressful.

What bugs me right now, nagging again in the back of my neck, is that I probably need to find a new job. I talked to my boss today and she can´t really afford to let me work right now, she hasn´t fired me or anything, she want to keep me but can´t afford to give me any hours, and I don´t know when she will need me again, so I suppose I must, I really need money... So that sucks, at least I´m glad I made a 1000 kr today..

Listening to Melissa Horn now, witch is making my heart fill up with happiness! And god, I´m reading this blog you must check out, it´s really beautiful. Different people are sending in stories about thier love lifes, all of them are so real and it´s like you can see yourselfe in the same situation even though you haven´t actually been there. I love it, check it out! www.leloveimage.blogspot.com 

Postat av: fanny

sv; hahah vad menar du med bild på dig? XD fel inlägg hörru ;) du jag ska bli frisk tills dess :) jo man behöver en klädnypa helt seriöst ;) du jag försöker odla en guldfisk faktiskt ;)

2010-09-03 @ 16:26:33
URL: http://fannybergkvist.blogg.se/
Postat av: fannnny

ehm first of all, FYLLO!!!!! haha seriöst ;D och ja datan är sönder :(

2010-09-04 @ 16:26:04
URL: http://fannybergkvist.blogg.se/

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