Om hösten hittar hit igen, då håller vi ihop min vän, ja då lever vi för sommaren, om hösten hittar hit igen

Hihallo! Today was a very loooong short day in school. We made up for our being so bloody tired with delicious egg and dijon sandwiches and tea, coffee on Amandas part and smothie on Matildas! We discovered to our surprise and pleasure that we actually could sit outside still! So we did, on Mineür in the old town. We discussed both people and people that we soon won´t be able to call people if they don´t get it together, soon. 
Then we took a deep breath each and plunged our heads into the thick, confusing jungle of Project, with an enormous P! 
Me and Amanda took a small stroll in some boutiques then walked to the train in the sun. Very well deserved and needed.

Since I came home I must have drunk at least four cups of tea, put on my newly purchsed, colourful leggins from Indiska, listened and sung along to Melissa Horn, Tegan and Sara nd Laura Pausini, I´ve read a bunch of blogs, one of them the blog of Elsa Billgren witch I stongly recommend and implore you all to read. I´ve studied in a calm and very medium pace, and I´ve read Elaine Bergquists´ fantastic book "Härskarteknik - den fula vägen till makt". have you not read it, you should. There is alot to learn, for instance how to recognise and respond to a bully and that persons technique. You might even recognise yourself in the position of the bully. She also kills, completely slaughter prejudices in all kinds of situations. Prejudices such as "women don´t like sports" or "gay men are skippy" or "blacks who know swedish speak "good swedish"". She´s so straight and isn´t afraid to use downright brutal expressions. Not a dull page, you laugh out loud at least once per page at her flair and bouyant way of expressing herself! 
And god, I could just go on and on couldn´t I... haha well, I´m going back to my book now! 
Lots of love!     

Postat av: sofia

hahah nä det är sant :D

2010-09-08 @ 13:18:17
Postat av: fanny


2010-09-26 @ 21:37:44
Postat av: fanny

sv; ja J.M Bergkvist :)

2010-09-27 @ 21:31:26

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