Good evnening to you all! I´ll put in a short post to distract my head from crashing right on top of my english paper.. yes the same one I´ve been writing since the dawn of man...
Anyways, just thought I´d say hello and tell you I´m ailive after two and a half hour long religion test and then a work out session with my pretty sisiter. First I kill my head. Then I kill the rest of my body. But I compeleately drained myself of all life when I got home and started writing the last revisions on my paper...

I reloaded with a few cups of tea with glögg and "lusse" taste haha, and compleated the taste sensation with a watery grape haha! Also, to set the "study-but-still-very-christmasy-and-cosy" mood, I found the tracklist to the film The Holiday. Lovely, half british and very cosy film, and the music is half the sensation when you watch that film. It really is. The songs are so full of life, beautiful tunes and melodies, mostly only instrumentalic songs. So pretty. It´s like they are in the middle of a wonderful realisation, something just became perfectly clear and life is beautiful and full of love! Musicorgasm is the word for you! Also, in the film, two songs called Just For Now and Let Go, both by Imogen Heap, are extraordinary too, but they are not on the track. Listen to them aswell! 


This makes my room smell of vanilla, cosy!


oh star fall down on me, make me make a wish upon you

Jag tror jag tar detta på svenska, på senaste har jag helt ärligt glömt att skriva på engelska i bloggen, kommit på det mitt i och ändrat mig. Och poängen var från början att jag ville skriva på engelska för att jag aldrig fick skriva nåt i skolan. Nu däremot, det verkar aldrig ta slut och det är precis så jag önskade det! Och eftersom några av alla mina många läsare önskat se svenska på bloggen så, here you go, happy christmas haha! Fast ok, jag kommer säkert vilja skriva på engelska snart igen, så vi får se hur länge detta håller!

Idag har jag känt doften av lussebullar i huset hela dagen, jag tog en fruktansvärt kall promenad med Mihaela i det vackra snöklädda tullinge och så har jag pluggat engelska såklart! Uppsatsen är nu förhoppningsvis helt avklarad och perfekt, vill så gärna ha ett lysande stolt MVG här...

Jag har då även möblerat om mitt rum, helt på egen hand satt upp min vackra jul stjärna och nya röda luftiga gardiner, bytte plats på skrivbordet och fotöljen som nu står nedanför fönstret och ser fint ut... 
höll på att få en hjärnskakning när jag trilla ner från skrivbordet. Skrivbordet vill jag ta bort, det är inget passande skrivbord och jag använder det aldrig förutom att dumpa saker på.
Jag vill köpa en stor byrå att lägga alla mina gamla papper och minnen i, en mysterie byrå som mina barn-barns-barn ska hitta på min vind i mitt stora gamla hus när jag är 102 år, så ska jag sitta i en gamal gungstol och berätta om mina spänande äventyr från "när jag var ung"... som spännande natt bad från en båt med främmande människor och vänner... spännande galna resor till Grekland, Berlin på nyår och London i vackert vårväder! 

Hihi vilka mysiga tankar som samlas i mitt rum när det är så här mysigt! Nu ska jag fortsätta fundera och läsa religionshäftet klart, med en mysig kopp te med glöggsmak, en nybakad lussebulle och en mandarin och tänt ljus!
Happy första advent!

Oh oh oh! Vill ni ha världens vackraste låt att lyssna på en vacker, mysig kväll? "The Fire" med Imogen Heap, hela låten går med ett mysigt sprakande som från en öppen brasa. Och har ni lust att läsa något riktigt mysigt (definitionsfråga) som garanterat kommer att ge er rysningar så rekomenderar jag än en gång starkt "The Yellow Wallpaper" av Charlotte Perkins Gilman. 5 sidor lång, mest värda jag någonsin läst!

let go, let go...

Alright, I´m back, I´m setting the party mood tonight with Imogen Heap and Frou Frou who is the same person really! I´ve done my makeup, flattened my hair, almost dressed... so in an hour I´m off! 

Ungefär så pepp ska vi va ikväll! WEEEEHEEEE
WOW, that was swedish... weird...

Tomorrow: Mässa, Harry Potter with:

A today little less brown Sofiaaa, and sisters! Then dinner with familys! 


next time you point a finger, I´ll point you to the mirror

Psychotic Hayley Williams! haha

You know, I was just zapping through boring tv channels today, and for a second I started watching some idiotic american reality show, now there were these two girls having a shouting match at eachother. It struck me how many times they were using the word "like". "I mean, it´s, like, really hard..." "I don´t know if I can, like, trust you anymore". "Every time I, like, look at you I, like, feel bad". "I feel so, like.. stupid". "I like.. just don´t care like anymore". 

They sounded as if they had no idea what they were saying, or as if they needed small breaks to remember what the next word was gonna be. And thy said it in all the wrong places too! They sounded really thick, "like stupid like dimbos or something"... Haha, it was quite amusing, entertaining to listen too for a while though, until I wanted to throw something at them instead...  

I would like to dedicate this very special, extra post to Sofia haha! xx

ska jag sjunga, ja då ska det finnas tid att sjunga fritt

Hiya! I´ve got a super cold that has had me sneezing every five minutes the past two days and an infuriating cough. That´s alright though, the prospect of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premieering tomorrow (!!!!!) keeps my happines intact and I´ve ben lazy-watching the fourth, fifth and sixth Harry Potter movies yesterday and today. Including this great, sad and touching documentary about J.K. Rowling and how Harry Potter came about on the extramaterial of the sixth film.

Apparently the seventh film part one has premiere tonight in New York... Why should America be favoured before Sweden, alright if England has their premiere a few days before the rest of the world because it´s a british production, but the US? That´s rubbish (to quote Ron Weasley..).

I don´t care what people say, Daniel Radcliffe is sexyy haha! Actually all fo them are... But there is something about the hero character, dirty and bloody, heroic and strong... I mean WOOHU!

But speaking of americans, guess which american band just released their new music video? You guessed it! Paramores "Playing God" made a video. And it´s really funny too, tied up boys, locked up in a cellar and poisoned by a pink-haired Hayley! Bit psychotic if it hadn´t been so funny!  

And now I am so longing for christmas and christmas carols and my star in my window. Littelest sister and her friends are gonna be singing christmas carols at their dinner they are making to raise money, and me and oldest little sister pretty much forced poor Frida to convince her friends to let us teach them to sing in harmonies! So. Much. Fun! So now I´m humming on "när mörker och kyla ligger kring vårt hus då vill vi vänta på julen kring ett levande ljus, låt det brinna-a, låt det brinna-a, ljuset som vi tänt" and "have yourself a merry little christmas" in my muchiest deepest voice I can muster!

Well that was pretty much it, hope this doesn´t bore you into tears!  


Allting jag skriver det bli ändå för kort, och allt som är bra med mig har jag förmåga att glömma bort

"Someone rapping at my chamber door,
Only this and nothing more"
Will I see light again?
"Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'"

I did think this sentense today, asking my imaginary Raven whether I´d ever see light again. Why should I ask the Raven such a thing, when all he ever answers is "Nevermore"? 

Well anyhow, I realised that there was very little light and warmth in my room, in which I´m sitting to write this english essey, which is going all kinds of wrong right now. So I thought of all that I had promised myself this summer, to learn to take joy of the small things. Well this is how I did it:

Pillows and a blanket, tea and moms bread with rassin which she baked yesterday (yum) ...

And "to reach the hight of romantic felicity" (Charlotte Perkins Gilman) a candle, to put my negative Raven right, I do see light! 

These voices in my head, am I alone?

These texts, that I am expected to read and understand, they are killing me. The text is smart, it knows what it is doing. It is trying to convince me that there is something of substance in it. It hides behind those great, incomprehensible words, and meanings without ending. It tricks me into reading it over and over again, searching for something useful, searching for something greater than myself, and I keep beleiving it. It will pull me in by the eyes and drag me down into the darkness. But no! Oh no not this time, I have seen wht it is hiding, behind those big words, there is nothing! Emptiness. Empty eyesockets only. Staring back with bulbous blodred empty eyes that are not there. I can see them, and I will drag tem out and no man but me will, not ALIVE ... I will tie them up with my hidden rope if they try to escape ... There is nothing, nothing, nothing ... damn he who wrote this, he who tries to fool me that there is something there ... but there is not ...

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you, thank you!   

Your job´s a joke, you´re broke

I´ve written exactly 1.111 words on my essey. I´m thinking that´s a pretty funny number. I´m thinking I´ll just leave it that way. I mean that´s exactly the way I want it. Only 1.111 words. Please don´t make me write more now and break my dream number...

"90% of a womans fermones come out of the top of her head. That´s why women are shorter so that men will fall in love with them when they hug them" Pheobe in Friends.

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