We lie belly up in the pool of us

This s a nice day indeed,
I´m sittin´with a cup f tea,
It´s a blue sky and orange trees,
And the sun is everywhere it seems,

As you can see I´m not very good at rhymes,
Haven´t done it that many times,
Inside it smells like apple pie,
But I´m here studiyng, oh my!

No ok, I give up, this is silly and ridiculuos, it will bore you to tears. M&S will be over soon, drink tea, study and plan London! Yeah, London baby! (Joey in Friends, big inspiration there!)
Anyways, I shouldn´t post this, you shouldn´t have to read this. In fact, don´t read it! Love!  

det finns en fara i att aldrig hitta vägen, men det finns nåt vackert med att vandra den ändå

Tea, newly painted red nails, Frou Frou, balance in time, ache - cured with some dark chocolate, laughter, balance in my mood, autumn, rustling of colourful leaves, the cosy warming neckcloth lies constantly round my neck, think I´ll bring a blanket tomorrow to school to wrap myself in, Melissa Horn - every word fits perfectly in with everything I do, someone rapping at my chamber door, and congratz to my sweet sister (who´s unlikely to read this anyway, but I´ll say this anyhow) who turns fifteen today, yay, tegan and sara, hur ska det gå, hur ska det gå, hur ska det gå?, it smells like food, gee I need to clean my room, anyone wanna help with that -- don´t answer that actually, I have got so much to do, but I´m kinda' proud that the essey I´m gonna hand in on Friday was finnished as early as two days ago -- that was sunday right?, food now!
This holiday could not have come at a better time, I see it as a great puffy cushion comming in time to catch me right before I hit the floor.

Love to you all!

Är du en av dem som berörs ändå?

Wow what a dry spell! I´ve been sitting for a while now tryna' think of something to write and: nothing. But I think I need to write something atleast, it´s been a good while since last time.

We practised expressions and emotions today on "sång och scenisk träning". I sang Melissa Horns
 Kungsholmens Hamn. Can not honestly think of a better song to practise emotional expressions on. When I got to the part when she sings "och vi fortsätter växa fast han förblir sexton år" I almost started crying myself because the text is so incredibly tragic, and some of the listeners looked as though she too might cry. So when Agneta yells "sing it happily" I was like NO! I burst at laughing fo even trying on a smile there...
A really good end of the day. Oh I´m listening to the song right now, Melissa sings it so beautifully....

Brisbane, Australia. 10.17.10 - credit: Ethan Luck (@ethanluck)
Powerful picture, you never quite realise how big my rockstars are, probably 'cause their music haven´t been in my ears for a quite long time...

Di casa e di poesia

Have you ever sat staring at something for a really long time? Have you seen the smudge on your wall change and become a face? A clown face possibly? Or a womans perhaps? A woman shaking the bars that are suddenly appering also?
   I thought I´d share a really good story with you. If you want something short but great to read I would strongly recomend The Yellow Wall-paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It can be described in so many words. But the one I will choose is creepy. I really mean creepy literally. Oh and I just found out that the authors full name is Charlotte Mary Jane Perkins Gilman. Mary Jane in middle names, that creeps me out even more. Why? Read it and find out...
Here: http://www.library.csi.cuny.edu/dept/history/lavender/wallpaper.html 

Can you see the smooches?    

Singing to you over my shoulder

Wow, long time no see. Indeed I almost seem to have forgotten how to write on this thing - alright, that´s a lie, but the last time I wrote something was... 8 of September, very nearly a month ago, really I must get better... Today my friends we celebrate the first day of October with beutiful weather and a brilliant sun. A difference from every single previous October, I do not walk into it with regrett and and a sourly mood. On the contrary I think everything looks so beautful and that rises my spirits immensely. On the days when everything is grey, cold and rainy I look forward to the warmth inside, a hot cup of tea and, on those rare days that makes your whole week worth it, newly baked scones or muffins or my choclate cake maybe! I have discovered that it really is the small things that will make it worth getting up in the morning. So I´ll try and think of it that way, even when my bagage feels heavier than usual. 

Tonight It´ll be just me and little sister Frida, we´re renting a movie and gonna eat Ben&Jerrys´ mahaha!
Love to all of ya!

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