London calling

Day spent with friends, talkin´, plannin´ an´ laughin´! Been studiyng all night, my swedish essey-thing is trying to kill me. 
But today, on a very spontaneous whim, me, Miahela an Sofia booked ourselves some tickets to the land of excitement! Country of wonderful language, redheaded folks and beautiful nature and architecture. Home of Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter! That´s right! For those of you who wasn´following me at first must have gotten my point at home of Harry Potter haha! We are going to London! For three days, we´re leaving our quiet home on february 28! Can. not. wait. I tell you! That was all I had to say this very fine evening. Love to all of you!


Last time I wsas in London, I was, what, 15? With my dad, Harry Potter 5 was showing in theaters and my dad convinced me I buy the seventh and last HP book in english to pick up my g-minus grade I currently had in english at the time. I hesitated a lot at first, but my god did it pay off to fight my way through it. That must be counted as one of my best money spent ever!

This is what Big Ben looked like when we were there, this very much sensational event was all over the news, pretty amusing really... 

Postat av: Mick

Vi ska vara där i fyyyyra dagar!! Okej jätte stor skillnad... Haha

2010-09-06 @ 06:21:38
Postat av: Simon


2010-09-14 @ 21:35:22

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