All those dirty words that you said, did you mean them did you now?

"Hi, I´m not tired anymore, I´m out now, you wanna meet?"
"Oh, you know I wish could... But I really just don´t want to. I guess I´m just too tired."

Do you think this was mean? I´m just thinking some people just get what they have coming to them!
Moahahahaha (evil laughter echoing, reverberating off the walls!) Moahahaha!
Now the food in the kitchen is screaming my name, my poor infected nose is craving tea and my mind has it´s eyes on my beloved friends box!
Love to you all!

Postat av: sofia

Det var inte elakt... What goes around comes around ;)

2010-08-22 @ 23:17:03
Postat av: Moa

Du skriver på engelska, jossan -.-

2010-08-25 @ 09:43:55

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