Stop crying to the ocean, stop crying over me. Stop worrying over nothing, stop worrying over me

Been feeling a sort of tingling in my stomach all morning. Talking english with cute german-thaiwanian-columbian guy might be the reason for it, I think so..
Also, having one of your best friends back safely on earth again is good.
I wonder why it feels like everything touchable in my life is literally a big mess, everything pell-mell in a heap, impossible to disentangle. Wondering why that is, since everything else seems perfectly straightforward and understandable. With one year left of security, I feel like this is the place I wanna be in right now.
I don´t need to know what will happen after this year, the things we can´t see now will come, both inevitable and very much welcome things.
Long walks and talking can feel like you put your hands on a somewhat wrinkled white paper and smooth it out, making your vision a lot clearer. I´m thankful for those talks and walks.
Right now, a cup of tea, Tegan and Sara playing on my Spotify, their song "The Ocean" is beautiful and can make you cry on your best day, making you laugh at your tears spilling for their wonderful lyrics. That is the best pice of advice I´ll be able to give anyone today I think. Now I´m gonna go and rip apart my wardrobe, see what can be spared and what else funny I´ll find from the sixth grade, I stopped "designing" and sewing my clothes for a reason... haha!
Love to you all for being wonderful!


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