I´m too tired to go to sleep, tonight, and I´m to weak to follow dreams

Goodmorning! Hello world! Guess who has been awake since five-ish? That´s right me! I´m so tired I can hardly type but I am still. so. very. much. awake. Family left and woke me up, felt a bit lonely there for while and considered calling Mickis to see if she happened to be awake so I could annoy her, but then I thought better of it haha. Tried my best and hardest to fall asleep again but oh so in vain. Took out my ipod and started reading blogs and looking much too closely on my new schedule and then finally started reading Hayley Williams´ (of Pramore) many twitter posts. Realised I´d read her posts back to four days ago and finally stopped. She has got to write like a hundred posts a day that woman!
Anyways, I saw no point in staying in bed when I wouldn´t get any sleep anyway, and I was really, really hungry too! So now I´m sitting here with a cup of tea, listening to the birds outside who are twittering madly! I kinda´ envy my little dog who can sleep through anything! Haha!
Anyways, I started sending out shout-outs to everyone on my phone to see if anyone impossibly could be awake. To my surprise, someone was! Today my thoughts go with Simon, who has left this planet to pursue happiness and further education elsewhere! He seems really nervous! Good luck!
Also Bella starts school today, she also answered me, and it hit me that come thursday, I´ll be up and about this early frequently! My gosh, I haven´t seen 7.06am since the start of summer (unless you count when I was drunkenly going to bed at that very hour just two-tree (?) days ago). I don´t really think I like this hour anymore... as if I ever liked it though.
God I´m really hungry, but I don´t think I can eat just yet, it´s too early for food.
Well, now I´ve said all that. I got at least two other posts coming up in a few minutes, so stay tuned!
And when you wake up and read this, make sure too call me to make sure I haven´t finally given in to sleep in front of this computer! haha just kidding, hope this doesn´t bore you to tears!


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