Leaning now into the breeze, remembering Sunday

Alright, thought I would start with sunday night. It was sunday night right? All days and nights are kind of blurrying together, hard to separate the events from one another and tell on witch night what happend, are you experiencing that too?
Anyway, I told you about my crazy Saturday night. Waking up at 14.30pm didn´t leave much of the day left, after a long breakfast and shower, Ammo and I got on the train at around six-ish and went home to Amanda for a really nice dinner, over witch we re-encountered the events of the past days, and she hers from gotland. Then we found peace and quiet calm at the beach where time seemed to stand perfectly still. The conversation did not, so much to say and events to go through by the details haha. Also we could clearly state what a fantastic summer we have had. It gives me so much hope to think that we made the summer become every bit as good as we dreamt it would be, back when we saw very little light and everything was so heavy. Knowing that, I am hopeful that we can make this coming, third and last year of school just as good as we want it too be! It´s in our own hands to make it good, we´ve got the power! (I say that with that cool screaming voice in that song, do you hear it too? I´VE GOT THE POWER!) Yeah!
Haha, well anyway, we sat there all night until it was time for us to go home and sleep again haha!
(Hope it´s ok I took this from your blog Ammo! haha)
Oh and also, Simon has been freakin´out over where he is, not finding the right place and everything, I have been helping with moral support, now someone is coming to pick him up to take him to the right place, it´s been making me worried haha, now it´s pretty funny again!

Postat av: Amanda

Tänk ändå, vilka galna minnen vi har samlat på oss på senaste. Den där knasiga första kvällen påväg hem från Chaplin's när jag hade, eh, snusat lite för mycket. Studentskivan! Och när vi åkte ut till lyxvillan i saltsjöbaden eller var tusan det nu var. Kokoste och vattenpipa i Vitan och dans hela natten till nattdopp i gryningen. Det är vår sommar, allt är vårt. PUSS

2010-08-17 @ 15:12:00
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Postat av: Simon

Nä asså du var en ängel idag :o DU ÄGER JOSSAN! och söt är du också ;D

2010-08-17 @ 22:22:04
URL: http://theafterhours.blogg.se/

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