If one drink can make tonight slip your mind then you, should drink up so you can convince yourself that I´m cute

Hey all! The last days have been very eventful. Last tuesday I had my two Amandas and Matilda over for the ultimate girls night. There was an entire table covered in food, uncountable glasses of wine, lots and lots of personal talk, drinks and waterpipe in the pool. The next day we started school... Not that we were there to witness it, but we heard that it did haha. Instead we baked bread and watched Alice in Wonderland. Then it was babasonic on the timetable, to celebrate our last night of the holiday!

Since I´m terrible at taking pictures I let others do it for me, then I steal them from their blogs moahaha!
These are Ammos, www.calbucura.blogg.se .

Thursday was our first day in school. Though we all go theory this year, that day was filled with only music lessons, so that kinda´ encouraged my hopes for this year. Friday was less fun, the last lesson of the day: project. I found myself wondering what would happen if I just...  didn´t do this project thing. Wonder wonder..
The weekend was party and the balcony, balcony with a large B, it has become our refuge on the evenings when we get home at four in the morning, desperately craving tea and salt and food and talk, or when we simply didn´t feel like going out at all but needed to talk. Haha!
Today I have gotten a cold that is getting worse by the hour. I think it´s got something to do with me running yesterday. You know when you´ve been running up a steep hill, pushing yourself thinking that you can stop when you get to the top. Yeah well, just as I was going to stop, the sky opens up and pretty much falls down on top of me! In two seconds I was soaked through my clothes, oceans forming on the ground. I had to run at break-neck-speed all the way home, I looked like a drowned cat with a very red face!
Today Mihaela´s been here bigger part of the day, just hanging and talking, watching the chick flick 17 Again haha. I needed a day like this, a real Sunday.
Tomorrow it all starts for real, real lessons, a full school day, from 09.15 to 16.40. Wish me good luck,
it´s just the start of a tough year. Fun of course, but school-wise it´ll be tough. But I maintain the thought that we can get through it together, having loads of fun along the way.

Postat av: Amanda

Oh we will have so much fun, just look at our first day..

Och projektet ska du visst göra, tillsammans med mig!!!

2010-08-29 @ 11:19:11
URL: http://calbucura.blogg.se/

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