E se fosse per nostalgia

And so it all begins, again. How many years has it been, since the day you got your first homework? Oh you were so excited! I remember my first, I must have been six, we were supposed to figure out wich glass-can were largest: the tall but thin one or the short but fat one? Of course you thought the fat one was biggest, because it looked bigger obviously, gee how hard was that? It was easy and fun, you wanted more homework! Of course nothing is that simple in life, not even the easy-first-homework, it turned out that they were equally large! Everyone in the class, spare of the two know-it-all:s Forsberg and Manne, had reached the same conclusion as I, so it didn´t bother me that I´d been wrong.
So now, 13 years later, I sit once again with the first piece of homework, or actually yesterday was the first day, today however I have more than one, I have quite a few actually. Nothing particularly difficult, but all the same. It´s a promise also, that there is more to come.
Haha wow I didn´t mean this post to become so sentimental, ah well, hope your day´s been really good!    

Postat av: sofia

ååh jag kommer verkligen ihåg när vi skulle gissa vilken burk som var störst, självklart trodde alla den stora burken (eh nästan i alla fall). Måste varit i sexårs? Tänk om man kunde få såna uppgifter nu med....

2010-08-25 @ 19:12:34
URL: http://picturebridge.blogg.se/
Postat av: sofia

haha men det gör du inte alls det! Du är jätte söt :) <3

2010-08-25 @ 20:32:26
URL: http://picturebridge.blogg.se/
Postat av: Moa

SV: Jag ska jobba lördag kl 6-16 ungefär, sen jobbar jag söndag 7-16, men vi kommer hinna gå ut.. Du vet, vi har ju hela livet på oss :-)

2010-08-25 @ 22:24:39
URL: http://moastraning.blogg.se/

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