Vi ska va dem vi vill vara, hellre nu än efteråt

I love getting on the bus in the morning and they´re playing "I´m gonna dance with somebody, dance with somebody, dance! Dance! Dance!" very loudly, and you wonder where the dancefloor went.
I love singing in the classroom in beautiful tunes with beautiful lyrics with beautifl friends. Love it when your classmates come in and they smile at you like you´re warming them up with the song! 
I love sitting in peace, reading the newspaper, undisturbed by the world that is outside.
I love laughing hysterically until your stomach aches and you´re choking on your tea and you start laughing even more!

Wow I found these pictures from our first year on Steg, amazing how much it feels like we have changed!

Love it when you´re walking on a dark street, listening to great music, and you believe you´re alone. So you start singing along with the music in your ears, louder and louder. Then you suddenly feel like you´re in a music video so you have to smile up at the visible stars and spin around! As you do that you see this guy walking, not far behind you and you fall abruptly silent! Then realising that there is nothing to be ashamed of, "I can sing anyway" and then you do. Keep on walking and singing, without a care in the world!

When I got home my sweet sister came and asked if I could help her with her english homework. I got so happy!

Then I became aware that I´m missed here, my other wonderful sister told me how much she misses me, how much we used to hang out och talk and sing! I love you, you will always be my best singing partner, you know that! Love!

This really turned out a peppy post indeed! Well I´m full of it, peppy talk and smiles! Tomorrow the worlds best grandmother turns 70! We are celebrating that with a big pang party! I´m running over there to help her prepare right after school! It´ll be so much fun! 
Love               Love                 Love              Love               Love                   Love                   Love 

Postat av: fanny

2010-09-01 @ 20:17:17
Postat av: Amanda

Herre gud va små vi var! Så fint, oj nu får man lite perspektiv på allt som har hänt egentligen.

2010-11-14 @ 15:12:53

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