You remember that time

Just woke up an hour ago, barely slept eight hours. In a blurry memory I remember dancing and drinking wine from 9 to three in the morning. Following the craziest thing we have ever done. Feeling the need for a footbath after dancing for six hours, we found ourselves on a boat, dipping our feet in the surprisingly warm water, with yet another glass of wine in our hands.
Then we completely lost our minds and agreed to drive out on open sea and take a night bath! Can´t believe we actually did it, but we did! It was the insanest thing we´ve ever done but it was wonderful and absolutely unforgettable! A priceless night!
Now, sitting in Ammos kitchen, almost wondering if last night wasn´t infact a dream. Rather still hungover we´re gonna make our way to either Amanda or vitan, totally depending on the weather.

Postat av: Simon

Var fick du ingenuesih elelr vafan det heter ifrån? xD

2010-08-15 @ 22:36:55
Postat av: fanny

you drink too much

2010-08-17 @ 02:41:16

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