you look half dead half the time

It feels like I have missed a day. It seems impossible that it already could be thursday. Where on earth did the time go, I had a million hours to write my project and walk around my house and sing, and all those things you can´t normally do. Is this how it´s gonna be, time flies by, you turn your head and watch it rush past you like whirls of snow? Right now it feels like I lost an entire day of my life, doing what?

Time is a fickle thing... eehm, right...

Postat av: fanny

kolla nu tänker du som jag! Snart blir du ledsen på riktigt...

2010-12-09 @ 20:57:29
Postat av: fanny

men vad gör duu? Man måste skriva ett hejdå inlägg !! :(

2010-12-28 @ 17:11:23

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