Är du en av dem som berörs ändå?

Wow what a dry spell! I´ve been sitting for a while now tryna' think of something to write and: nothing. But I think I need to write something atleast, it´s been a good while since last time.

We practised expressions and emotions today on "sång och scenisk träning". I sang Melissa Horns
 Kungsholmens Hamn. Can not honestly think of a better song to practise emotional expressions on. When I got to the part when she sings "och vi fortsätter växa fast han förblir sexton år" I almost started crying myself because the text is so incredibly tragic, and some of the listeners looked as though she too might cry. So when Agneta yells "sing it happily" I was like NO! I burst at laughing fo even trying on a smile there...
A really good end of the day. Oh I´m listening to the song right now, Melissa sings it so beautifully....

Brisbane, Australia. 10.17.10 - credit: Ethan Luck (@ethanluck)
Powerful picture, you never quite realise how big my rockstars are, probably 'cause their music haven´t been in my ears for a quite long time...


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