det finns en fara i att aldrig hitta vägen, men det finns nåt vackert med att vandra den ändå

Tea, newly painted red nails, Frou Frou, balance in time, ache - cured with some dark chocolate, laughter, balance in my mood, autumn, rustling of colourful leaves, the cosy warming neckcloth lies constantly round my neck, think I´ll bring a blanket tomorrow to school to wrap myself in, Melissa Horn - every word fits perfectly in with everything I do, someone rapping at my chamber door, and congratz to my sweet sister (who´s unlikely to read this anyway, but I´ll say this anyhow) who turns fifteen today, yay, tegan and sara, hur ska det gå, hur ska det gå, hur ska det gå?, it smells like food, gee I need to clean my room, anyone wanna help with that -- don´t answer that actually, I have got so much to do, but I´m kinda' proud that the essey I´m gonna hand in on Friday was finnished as early as two days ago -- that was sunday right?, food now!
This holiday could not have come at a better time, I see it as a great puffy cushion comming in time to catch me right before I hit the floor.

Love to you all!


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