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Have you ever sat staring at something for a really long time? Have you seen the smudge on your wall change and become a face? A clown face possibly? Or a womans perhaps? A woman shaking the bars that are suddenly appering also?
   I thought I´d share a really good story with you. If you want something short but great to read I would strongly recomend The Yellow Wall-paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It can be described in so many words. But the one I will choose is creepy. I really mean creepy literally. Oh and I just found out that the authors full name is Charlotte Mary Jane Perkins Gilman. Mary Jane in middle names, that creeps me out even more. Why? Read it and find out...
Here: http://www.library.csi.cuny.edu/dept/history/lavender/wallpaper.html 

Can you see the smooches?    

Postat av: sofia

läskig bok :O

haha jo visst, men jag vill hellre ha vår och sommar :(

2010-10-07 @ 08:23:37
URL: http://picturebridge.blogg.se/
Postat av: Sofia

haha nej jag har inte läst den, men den lät läskig :p

2010-10-07 @ 15:56:01
Postat av: Matilda

äääh, hösten är fin, det är mest den analkande vintern som avskräcker.

2010-10-08 @ 15:00:36
URL: http://marthamydear.blogg.se/

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