In the morning I´ll rise, in the mourning I´ll let you die

Oh but hello! Over a month ago since I checked in here. You know when you do something fun and then think that "hmm.. I´m gonna write about this on my blog later". Well I have had about a hundered of those moments during this month, but I haven´t ever brought myself to write. Now I´m at school, supposed to write a speach about dreams in swedish B, that´s not comming on so well...

Berlin. 28/12-02/01. Newyears was a warzone on every street of Berlin. We took refuge to a nightclub and danced to 5 in the morning. We slept til the afternoon and walked the streets by day. Danced at night.
Pictures will come up later.

Postat av: Bells

Du kan räkna med utgång! Vill vänta till lönen så jag har råd bara ;) Sen kan du ju boka upp den 2a februari istället för den 5e ;D

Ser fram emot Berlin bilderna :)

2011-01-18 @ 10:21:03

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