Allting jag skriver det bli ändå för kort, och allt som är bra med mig har jag förmåga att glömma bort

"Someone rapping at my chamber door,
Only this and nothing more"
Will I see light again?
"Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'"

I did think this sentense today, asking my imaginary Raven whether I´d ever see light again. Why should I ask the Raven such a thing, when all he ever answers is "Nevermore"? 

Well anyhow, I realised that there was very little light and warmth in my room, in which I´m sitting to write this english essey, which is going all kinds of wrong right now. So I thought of all that I had promised myself this summer, to learn to take joy of the small things. Well this is how I did it:

Pillows and a blanket, tea and moms bread with rassin which she baked yesterday (yum) ...

And "to reach the hight of romantic felicity" (Charlotte Perkins Gilman) a candle, to put my negative Raven right, I do see light! 


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