you look half dead half the time

It feels like I have missed a day. It seems impossible that it already could be thursday. Where on earth did the time go, I had a million hours to write my project and walk around my house and sing, and all those things you can´t normally do. Is this how it´s gonna be, time flies by, you turn your head and watch it rush past you like whirls of snow? Right now it feels like I lost an entire day of my life, doing what?

Time is a fickle thing... eehm, right...

So what you say we give it up and walk away?

Hola! It´s project-paper-writing for all I´m worth nowdays. It´s going so so, but I suppose I´m getting forward in one way or another.
I sent a really well-written e-mail to a woman in Israel, she´s working for womens rights in Jerusalem and is opposing herself actively against the patriarchy in the Jewish society there. So I decided I would try and contact her for an interview for my paper, and what do you know! She answered me, mere hours after I had sent it! That is really cool I think, contacting a woman who live in such a completely different world than I do. She seemed happy to answer me and they were really good aswers too!

After I had squealed happily and read and re-read her answers I sat for a while and wrote a bit on my project. Then me and Sofia took the most beautiful walk down to the water and around tullinge. I´m gonna steal a picture from Sofias blog ( )here to demonstrate the beautifulnes!


when the world treats you way too fairly

Everyone seems to be complaining about the cold. I just can not bring myself to feel unhappy with the cold when it makes the world look like a slivery-white-glittery snow-paradise! True, I have not set foot outside today yet, but I will. I have today been dancing around inside to the music I was talking about yesterday in thick, woollen socks and my mums great woollen jumper! I heve lit candles, drinking hot "glögg" tea, thinking of and writing (a bit)on my project and I have smiled a huge smile everytime I look out at the beautiful world outside!

Now I´m gonna go wake Nelly and take er for a walk in the forest up to the mountain that overlooks tullingsjön. It must be beautiful up there now!

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