Good evnening to you all! I´ll put in a short post to distract my head from crashing right on top of my english paper.. yes the same one I´ve been writing since the dawn of man...
Anyways, just thought I´d say hello and tell you I´m ailive after two and a half hour long religion test and then a work out session with my pretty sisiter. First I kill my head. Then I kill the rest of my body. But I compeleately drained myself of all life when I got home and started writing the last revisions on my paper...

I reloaded with a few cups of tea with glögg and "lusse" taste haha, and compleated the taste sensation with a watery grape haha! Also, to set the "study-but-still-very-christmasy-and-cosy" mood, I found the tracklist to the film The Holiday. Lovely, half british and very cosy film, and the music is half the sensation when you watch that film. It really is. The songs are so full of life, beautiful tunes and melodies, mostly only instrumentalic songs. So pretty. It´s like they are in the middle of a wonderful realisation, something just became perfectly clear and life is beautiful and full of love! Musicorgasm is the word for you! Also, in the film, two songs called Just For Now and Let Go, both by Imogen Heap, are extraordinary too, but they are not on the track. Listen to them aswell! 


This makes my room smell of vanilla, cosy!


Postat av: fanny

orkar intee läsa på engelska :(

2010-12-01 @ 14:03:06
Postat av: sofia

men jooooossan, kan du bestämma dig för vilket språk du ska skriva på? :p

2010-12-01 @ 17:19:08
Postat av: sofia

Klart jag läser ändå ;)

2010-12-01 @ 20:43:26

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