These voices in my head, am I alone?

These texts, that I am expected to read and understand, they are killing me. The text is smart, it knows what it is doing. It is trying to convince me that there is something of substance in it. It hides behind those great, incomprehensible words, and meanings without ending. It tricks me into reading it over and over again, searching for something useful, searching for something greater than myself, and I keep beleiving it. It will pull me in by the eyes and drag me down into the darkness. But no! Oh no not this time, I have seen wht it is hiding, behind those big words, there is nothing! Emptiness. Empty eyesockets only. Staring back with bulbous blodred empty eyes that are not there. I can see them, and I will drag tem out and no man but me will, not ALIVE ... I will tie them up with my hidden rope if they try to escape ... There is nothing, nothing, nothing ... damn he who wrote this, he who tries to fool me that there is something there ... but there is not ...

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you, thank you!   


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